About cryoSPARC Live (Beta)

Information about cryoSPARC Live, the most powerful 2D/3D real-time processing workflow for single particle cryo-EM. Originally released in private beta in May 2019.

Real-time 2D and 3D processing for cryo-EM

CryoSPARC Live is a robust, full-pipeline real-time platform for cryo-EM data processing, enabling users to obtain first-cut 3D reconstructions of target molecules while the sample is still being imaged in the cryo-EM microscope. CryoSPARC Live works on top of an existing cryoSPARC installation.

CryoSPARC Live streamlines the workflow of pre-processing, 2D/3D reconstruction and 3D refinement. Live includes several new algorithmic enhancements and high-performance GPU implementations, including new global and patch-based local motion correction, new local CTF estimation supporting highly tilted/deformed samples, automatic particle picking, online streaming 2D classification and online streaming 3D refinement. Together with a custom-built reactive user interface, these parts enable high-resolution 3D reconstruction in tandem with data collection.

Use Cases

CryoSPARC Live is built for:

  • Individual users, who wish to gain insights about data quality by performing 3D reconstructions in real-time with data collection, or on previously collected data in a seamless and "first cut" manner

  • Data collection facilities, cryo-EM cores and and microscope operators, who want to make the most of microscope time with real-time data quality assessment and collection

Release Timeline and Private Beta Enrolment

CryoSPARC Live was released in private beta in May 2019. To enrol, please visit: https://cryosparc.com/live/‚Äč