Resource Manager

Resource Manager

The Resource Manager contains several useful tabs for viewing active and queued jobs, job history, notifications and data management.

Current Jobs

The Current Jobs tab allows you to quickly view which jobs are active (running or waiting for user input), or queued (waiting for other jobs to complete or for resources to become available). You can kill jobs from the Current Jobs tab.

Job History

The Job History tab provides a table of all jobs that were run recently. Click on any row to navigate to that job. Scroll down to view additional job history.

Instance Information

The Instance Information tab contains information about all the available compute lanes within your cryoSPARC instance, including the worker bin path, host name, cache path, cache quotas (if applicable), etc.

For more information on how to add lanes, please see: Connect a worker node

Notification Manager

The Notification Manager tab provides a list of all active and inactive notifications. Active notifications can be dismissed by clicking x when they appear in the interface, and can be ultimately cleared from this tab.

Data Management

The Data Management tab displays details of all Projects and Workspaces available to the logged in user. At-a-glance information includes: project creation and ownership info, project directory location, last accessed/viewed, project size and other details.

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