Management and Monitoring
Instructions for accessing and working in the cryoSPARC command line.

Environment variables

Specify additional environment variables in the configuration files to augment cryoSPARC's low-level behaviour.

(Optional) cryoSPARC and systemd

See more details here:

cryosparcm, cryosparcm cli and cryosparcw references

Workstations or master nodes with a cryosparc_master installation have access to cryosparcm, cryoSPARC's built-in command-line utility for all administrative, management and advanced usage tasks.
The cryosparcm cli command provides an extensive API for programmatically controlling cryoSPARC from the command-line.
Workstations or worker nodes with a cryosparc_worker installation have access to cryosparcw, a utility similar to cryosparcm for managing worker installations.