CryoSPARC Guide
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How to Download, Install and Configure

Meeting system requirements, obtaining a License ID, and downloading & installing CryoSPARC.

Step 1: Confirm Prerequisites

Ensure you have reviewed and completed the pre-requisites before downloading and installing CryoSPARC:
Once you have confirmed the prerequisites, you should have completed the following:
  • Create a shared user
  • Configure SSH access
  • Ensure all required ports are open
  • Set up a shared file system
  • Install CUDA (details)
  • Ensure master node has outbound access to CryoSPARC license servers
In addition, make sure that the hardware to which you are installing meets system requirements:

Step 2: Obtain a CryoSPARC License ID

CryoSPARC is available free of charge for non-profit academic use. To download the software, you will need a CryoSPARC License ID, which can be requested via the form at
Please contact [email protected] for inquiries relating to for-profit or industry licensing, including academic-industry collaborations on proprietary projects and fee-for-service data processing.

Step 3: Download and Install CryoSPARC

Please see the detailed installation steps applicable to your system setup.