Job: Heterogeneous Refinement

Heterogeneous refinement.


Heterogeneous Refinement simultaneously classifies particles and refines structures from n initial structures, usually obtained following an Ab-Initio Reconstruction. This facilitates the ability to look for small differences between structures which may not be obvious at low resolutions, and also to re-classify particles to aid in sorting.


  • Initial models

  • Particles

Common Parameters

  • Refinement box size (voxels):

  • Symmetry: You may wish to enforce a particular type of symmetry during refinement. Common types of symmetry include T (tetrahedral), O (octahedral), I (icosahedral), D (dihedral) and C (cyclic).


  • Refined 3D maps

  • Half-maps

  • Mask used in refinement

  • Mask used in FSC calculation

  • Gold-standard FSC curve

  • Plots, including orientation distribution


This task enables simultaneously sorting particles and identifying classes and is particularly useful in cases where identified classes look very similar. This task can also be used as a method to remove “junk” particles.


The initial models provided must be on the correct grey scale. Outputs from ab-initio reconstruction in CryoSPARC meet this requirement.

Common Next Steps

  • Download and inspect map

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