Job: Create Templates

Create templates for particle picking.


Generate projection-based templates from a given input volume. Templates are generated from evenly sampled projection directions around the encompassing sphere, as according to the SK97 sampling algorithm.


  • Volume

Common Parameters

  • Number of equally-spaced templates to generate

  • Zeropadding factor for interpolation

    • This is the multiplicative factor that determines the internal box size, by multiplying the original box size; the real-space volume is zeropadded out to this size

    • Higher zeropadding factors can increase the interpolation quality, at the expense of increased CPU memory

  • Output size

    • The desired box size of the output templates


  • Templates (blob)


Below is an example of generating 20 equally spaced templates from a refined T20S Proteasome structure.

Common Next Steps

The most common use of templates is for subsequent particle picking from micrographs, using the Template Picker job. You may also use a Select 2D job to subset certain templates from the output stack.

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