Data Processing Tutorials

Tutorials on how to use CryoSPARC jobs and processing cryo-EM data.

Introduction to CryoSPARC

pageUser Interface and Usage GuidepageGet Started with CryoSPARC: Introductory Tutorial (≤v3.3)pageTutorial: Job Builder (≤v3.3)

Case Studies

pageCase Study: Exploratory data processing by Oliver ClarkepageCase Study: Processing EMPIAR-10291 (300 Micrographs) to 3.4Å in 1 hour 25 minutespageTutorial: Tips for Membrane Protein StructurespageTutorial: Common CryoSPARC Plots

Data Processing

Alongside these tutorials, see: All Job Types in CryoSPARC and Tutorial Videos

Files, Data and Import

pageTutorial: Negative Stain DatapageTutorial: Phase Plate DatapageTutorial: EER File SupportpageTutorial: EPU AFIS Beam Shift Import


pageTutorial: Patch Motion and Patch CTFpageTutorial: Manually Curate Exposures (≤v3.3)pageTutorial: Float16 Support

Particle Picking

pageTutorial: Particle Picking CalibrationpageTutorial: Blob Picker Tuner

Ab-initio Reconstruction

Case Study: Previously unknown conformation of AAA+ unfoldase discovered using cryoSPARC

Helical Reconstruction

pageTutorial: Helical Processing using EMPIAR-10031 (MAVS)

3D Refinement

pageTutorial: Maximum Box Sizes for RefinementpageTutorial: CTF RefinementpageTutorial: Ewald Sphere CorrectionpageTutorial: Symmetry RelaxationpageTutorial: Orientation DiagnosticspageTutorial: BILD files in CryoSPARC v4.4+

Local Refinement

pageTutorial: Mask CreationpageCase Study: Yeast U4/U6.U5 tri-snRNP

Conformational Variability

pageTutorial: 3D ClassificationpageTutorial: 3D Variability Analysis (Part One)pageTutorial: 3D Variability Analysis (Part Two)pageTutorial: 3D Flexible RefinementpageTutorial: 3D Flex Mesh Preparation

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