Webinar Recordings

CryoSPARC webinar recordings.

Webinar: Real-time cryo-EM analysis for all: cryoSPARC Live

June 2021

Learn how CryoSPARC Live, a seamless real-time 2D and 3D processing system for single particle cryo-EM, accelerates time-to-structure and drives rapid insights into sample characteristics and data quality, enabling decision making while the sample is still in the microscope.

CryoSPARC Live is not just for facilities; it is also the fastest, simplest way for beginners and experts alike to process cryo-EM data that has already been collected. We cover use cases, performance considerations, real-time experimentation and practical workflows, and are joined by two expert guest speakers, Giovanna Scapin (NIS) and Craig Yoshioka (PNCC), who discuss how they use CryoSPARC Live in practice in both industry and academic settings.

Webinar: Resolving flexibility and heterogeneity with 3D Variability Analysis

June 2020

Learn how the new 3D Variability Analysis (3DVA) algorithm in CryoSPARC can reveal new functional and biological insight into the conformational and flexible motion dynamics of a protein molecule from single particle cryo-EM data.

We will cover the new concepts introduced by the algorithm, interpretation of results, several case studies and examples, practical considerations to keep in mind when working on your own data, and live audience Q&A. 3DVA has already been used in many notable structural studies to shed light on protein dynamics, including GPCR structures and the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

Webinar: CryoEM for Drug Discovery

May 2019

Educational webinar hosted by Structura Biotechnology Inc., Merck and NVIDIA on how cryo-EM offers value for drug discovery and structure-based drug design, on targets like GPCRs and membrane proteins. Covers: why is cryo-EM useful for drug discovery; computational aspects involved in cryo-EM structure determination; future advancements.

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