CryoSPARC Guide

Job: Volume Tools

Apply various operations including upsample, downsample, crop, pad, flip, etc., to a volume or mask.


Use this job to one or more of the following operations on an input Volume or Mask:
  • Upsample/Downsample
  • Crop
  • Add soft padding
  • Flip handedness
  • Lowpass Filter
  • Dilate mask
  • Invert mask
  • Threshold mask
  • Clip a mask along the z-axis (for helical refinements)
  • Convert between mask and volume


  • A map volume or mask

Common Parameters

  • Type of input volume: Choose whether to use the volume or mask input slot. The volume operations are only applied to the input at the selected slot
  • Type of output volume: The type of the output once the Volume Tools operations are complete. Can be the same or different from the type of the input volume


  • The edited input map volume or mask

Common Next Steps