Non-profit and commercial licensing options.

Non-profit use

CryoSPARC and CryoSPARC Live are available free of charge for non-profit academic research.

Non-Profit Academic Research means practicing, making, using, improving upon, importing and exporting (but not selling, leasing or otherwise monetizing) academic or scholarly research, for individual (personal) or academic institutional research purposes, in good faith, and expressly excludes, without limitation, purposes that are intended to (or result in, whether by intent or otherwise): (i) create a commercial advantage for any Person; (ii) generate monetary compensation for products or services; (iii) generate commercialization rights for any Person; (iv) be used in an ongoing business concern; or (v) result in an ongoing business concern obtaining any intellectual property rights in any research or results linked to the Non-profit Academic Research.

To request a license for non-profit academic research, please fill out the form on our website:

The full text of the non-commercial license agreement is available here for reference:

Non-commercial license agreement

For-profit, commercial or industry use

Please contact for inquiries relating to for-profit or industry licensing, including academic-industry collaborations on proprietary projects and fee-for-service data processing.

Questions about licensing?

If you aren't sure which license applies to your use case, or have any questions around licensing, please contact us at with your questions.

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