Job: Non-uniform Refinement (Legacy)

Non-uniform refinement (Legacy).


Apply non-uniform refinement to achieve higher resolution and map quality, especially for membrane proteins. Non-uniform refinement iteratively accounts for regions of a structure that have disordered or flexible density causing local loss of resolution. Accounting for these regions and dynamically estimating their locations can significantly improve resolution in other regions as well as overall map quality by impacting the alignment of particles and reducing the tendency for refinement algorithms to over-fit disordered regions.


  • Initial model

  • Particles

  • Mask (optional)

Common Parameters

  • Refinement box size (voxels):

  • Symmetry: You may wish to enforce a particular type of symmetry during refinement. Common types of symmetry include T (tetrahedral), O (octahedral), I (icosahedral), and C (cyclic).


  • Refined 3D maps

  • Half-maps

  • Mask used in refinement

  • Mask used in FSC calculation

  • Gold-standard FSC curve

  • Plots, including orientation distribution

Common Next Steps

  • Download and inspect map

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