A Tour of the CryoSPARC Interface

The information in this section applies to CryoSPARC v4.0. For instructions on updating to v4, please see: Updating to v4 For the Application Guide applicable to CryoSPARC ≤v3.3, please see: User Interface and Usage Guide


The CryoSPARC application is a web interface that makes it easy to quickly and efficiently process cryo-EM data from raw movies to a high resolution structure. Within the interface you can create projects and workspaces to organize data, queue and run jobs, view and share their results and outputs, and export information for record keeping and use in other software. CryoSPARC also features additional tools to organize, search, and view data in a variety of different ways. This section of the guide will provide an overview of all these features.

Application Layout

The interface is comprised of five primary elements:

  1. The navigation bar is located on the left side of the screen. It contains links to the homepage (Dashboard), the project browse view, and the session browse view. It also includes buttons to open various management dialogs, such as the 'current jobs' dialog and spotlight search dialog.

  2. At the top of the page are the navigation controls, used to navigate to and switch between different view levels (projects, workspace, sessions, jobs). It is similar to the navigation controls in CryoSPARC v3 with added clarity and utility.

  3. Below the navigation is a large content area that will adapt based on the page you're viewing. Every page has a centralized action bar with key elements such as filter controls.

  4. Below the content area is a footer designed to provide quick access to current (queued or active) jobs. When browsing projects, workspaces, sessions, or jobs, the footer adapts to display a total count and various filter options.

  5. To the right of the content area is a sidebar with three tabs: details, builder (for building and editing jobs) and cart (for filtering and creating jobs based on the outputs of completed jobs). Similar to CryoSPARC v3, you can select cards to view their details and perform actions. Additionally, you can now collapse the sidebar in order to view more of the main content area.

The navigation bar is located on the left side of the screen. It contains links to the:

  • Dashboard

  • Projects browser (all projects)

  • Session browser (all sessions)

  • Management dialog containing several tabs for managing jobs, data and instance information

  • An overflow menu with additional dialogs and actions


The first page you'll see after logging in is the Dashboard. It displays an overview of your CryoSPARC instance with helpful modules such as a processing history heat-map and charts to get a sense of what has been run recently as well as a module to see all active jobs. You can filter these modules to see information about only your jobs or jobs across all users within the instance. The Dashboard also includes additional modules featuring external CryoSPARC and community resources such as links to tutorials on the CryoSPARC Guide, trending posts on the CryoSPARC Discussion Forum and the latest EMPIAR and EMDB uploads.

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