Job: Sharpening Tools

Re-sharpen and adjust the B-factor of a volume after refinement.


  • To produce optimal results in publications and for model-building, it is often necessary to re-sharpen and adjust the B-factor of a volume after completing a refinement. This is done by the Sharpening Tools job.


  • A map volume

    • map_half_A

    • map_half_B

  • A mask


  • A sharpened map

    • map_sharp

  • A mask

    • mask_fsc

Common Parameters

  • B-Factor to apply: A negative value. A general rule of thumb is to start with the B-Factor value presented in the Guinier Plot of a refinement job (e.g. -76.7)

Common Next Steps

  • Downloading and inspecting the sharpened map in a software such as UCSF Chimera

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