CryoSPARC Guide
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Guide: Lane Assignments and Restrictions

Assigning CryoSPARC users to specific scheduler lanes.
The information in this section applies to CryoSPARC v4.1+.

Lane Assignments and Restrictions

CryoSPARC users can be assigned access to specific lanes in the CryoSPARC scheduler. Having access to a lane means that the user can queue jobs to the lane and use its resources. Users not assigned to a lane do not have access to it and cannot queue jobs on that lane. By default, when a CryoSPARC user is created, they will be assigned all existing lanes. Similarly, when a new lane is added, all users will be assigned to that lane.
A user’s lane assignments can be viewed and modified using the “Lane Restrictions” tab of the admin panel in the UI.
Lanes can be assigned/unassigned for each user by checking the boxes next to the lane names and clicking the transfer arrow in the corresponding direction.
To get a user's lane assignments using the CLI:
$ cryosparcm cli "get_user_lanes('[email protected]')"
['cryoem1', 'cryoem2', 'cryoem3']
To modify a user’s lane assignments using the CLI:
$ cryosparcm cli "set_user_lanes('[email protected]', ['cryoem1'])"