CryoSPARC Guide

Job: Import Movies

Import raw movies.


  • Import one or more raw movies for processing.


  • Raw movies in .mrc, .mrc.bz2 , .tif or .eer formats.
For .eer file support, please see:
If working with negative stain or phase plate data, please see:

Common Parameters

  • Movies data path: Click on the folder icon to browse or paste the path specifying the location where the movies are stored. To select multiple files, enter a wildcard expression in the browse bar, e.g., *.mrc, which will select all matching file types in the subfolder.
  • Gain reference path: Specify the path to the gain reference file, if available.
  • It is best to specify the Raw pixel size (A), Accelerating voltage (kV), Spherical aberration (mm) and Total exposure dose (e/A^2) if known
  • Negative Stain Data: If Negative Stain Data is on, this indicates that there are light particles on dark background (-1). If it's off, this indicates the movies have dark particles on light background (cryo-em data, +1).
  • Phase Plate Data: Indicates if data was collected using a phase plate.
  • Skip Header Check: Enabled by default in v4.2+, disables the reading of each exposure file's header to ensure that all movies are of the same size (resolution). If disabled, use the "Number of CPUs to parallelize during header check" parameter to parallelize reading of exposure headers.


  • Imported movies (which can be used in other CryoSPARC jobs)

Common Next Steps

  • Full frame motion correction to generate micrographs from which particles can be picked manually or using template-based automatic picking