CryoSPARC Guide

Job: Import Movies

Import raw movies.


  • Import one or more raw movies for processing.


  • Raw movies in .mrc, .mrc.bz2 , .tif or .eer formats.
For .eer file support, please see:
If working with negative stain or phase plate data, please see:

Common Parameters

  • Movies data path: Click on the folder icon to browse or paste the path specifying the location where the movies are stored. To select multiple files, enter a wildcard expression in the browse bar, e.g., *.mrc, which will select all matching file types in the subfolder.
  • Gain reference path: Specify the path to the gain reference file, if available.
  • It is best to specify the Raw pixel size (A), Accelerating voltage (kV), Spherical aberration (mm) and Total exposure dose (e/A^2) if known
  • Negative Stain Data: If Negative Stain Data is on, this indicates that there are light particles on dark background (-1). If it's off, this indicates the movies have dark particles on light background (cryo-em data, +1).
  • Phase Plate Data: Indicates if data was collected using a phase plate.


  • Imported movies (which can be used in other CryoSPARC jobs)

Common Next Steps

  • Full frame motion correction to generate micrographs from which particles can be picked manually or using template-based automatic picking