Job: ResLog Analysis

ResLog analysis.


This feature generates plots that show how the resolution of a given structure increases as more particles are added to the reconstruction. This insight may be useful in determining whether a higher-resolution result is possible with more particles, or if fewer particles are needed to achieve the same resolution. The implementation in CryoSPARC is based on Stagg, S.M., Noble, A.J., Spilman, M. & Chapman, M.S. ResLog plots as an empirical metric of the quality of cryo-EM reconstructions. Journal of Structural Biology 185 (3), 418-426 (2014).


  • Particles


  • Particles

Common Parameters

  • Reconstruction box-size: The volume size to use for refinement. If this is None, use the full image size. Otherwise images are automatically downsampled

  • Symmetry: Symmetry (e.g. C1, D7, etc.) of the dataset

Common Next Steps

  • Additional refinements with tuned number of input particles based on the ResLog analysis

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