CryoSPARC Guide

Downloading and Exporting Data

Downloading Lists of Projects, Workspaces, Sessions, and Jobs

Every browse page contains a link to download a CSV of projects, workspaces, sessions, or jobs with all current filters and sort options applied. For example, you can download a list of all completed jobs across the entire instance this year by searching the spotlight (command + k) for ‘All jobs’ and adding a status filter of ‘completed’ and selecting a start and end date.

Downloading Job Results

From the browse view, you can select a job and inspect it to view all job output groups. Each contain a list of items (such as .cs file metadata or .map volumes) to download:
Viewing and downloading output results from the job inspection dialog.
Alternatively, the list of output groups is available in the details sidebar of a job when selected under the “Outputs” panel:
Viewing and downloading outputs from the job details sidebar.
Additional download options are available from the “Outputs” tab of the job inspection dialog. Here you can copy the file path or download individual low-level results as well as download results from a specific iteration:
Downloading the alignments3D low-level result from iteration 2 of this Homogeneous Refinement job.

Downloading the Job Event Log

Often it is helpful to download a standalone copy of the processing history of a job. In CryoSPARC v4.0 you can now generate a PDF job that contains a cover page of important metadata and the full event log including images. This makes it easy to archive and share the results of a job.

Downloading a Job Report

In addition to downloading just the job event log, you can download the event log and a set of CryoSPARC system logs for the purposes of debugging. You can choose to include or exclude images in the event log PDF. The report is packaged in a compressed ZIP file.

Exporting Jobs

Refer to this guide on exporting jobs:

Exporting Projects

Refer to this guide on exporting projects: