Job: Import Result Group

At a Glance

Import a Result Group from another job or project.


CryoSPARC jobs produce Result Groups, which are containers for outputs and associated metadata. These contain a variety of objects, depending on the job type. For instance, a Particles Result Group from a Non-Uniform Refinement contains information about the particles (poses, CTF fits, source micrographs, extracted particle stack locations, etc.). The Volume Result Group contains several volumes (the final reconstruction and the sharpened map, both half maps, and various masks).

These Result Groups can be exported in the Outputs screen. They can then be imported using this job (Import Result Group) to allow for their use in other projects or instances of CryoSPARC.

As an example, say project P12 is the first time data has been collected on a certain target. It only went to moderate resolution after processing, so a new sample was produced with improved sample preparation conditions. This data was imported into a new project P13. A user could export the volume group from a refinement in P12, copy the group into P13’s project directory, and import it into P13 to generate templates, skipping the steps of blob picking and template generation in P13.


This job does not accept any inputs.

Commonly adjusted parameters

This job requires an absolute path to the result’s .csg file. Absolute paths start with a slash (/).

If you are viewing the .csg file in a terminal window, the absolute path is given by realpath {filename.csg}.


The outputs of this job depend on the Result Group that is imported.

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