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CryoSPARC Live Walkthrough

Join us while we process cryo-EM data (EMPIAR-10288) using cryoSPARC Live. We'll walk you through the interface and process this dataset from start to finish.

CryoSPARC Live is available with the cryoSPARC software platform:

For more information about starting your own Session in cryoSPARC Live, see:

Download EMPIAR-10288, the dataset used in this walkthrough:

The gain reference file provided in this dataset is in a file format (.dm4) that cryoSPARC doesn't support. Click this link to download a compatible version of the gain reference to use in cryoSPARC.

Parameters Used For Data Processing:

  • Microscope/Camera

    • Raw pixel size (Å): 0.86

    • Accelerating voltage (kV): 300

    • Spherical aberration (mm): 2.7

    • Total exposure dose (e/Å^2): 58

    • Advanced: Flip gain ref in Y? : True

  • Blob Picker

    • Minimum particle diameter (Å): 100

    • Maximum particle diameter (Å): 150

    • Advanced: Use elliptical blob: True

    • Extraction box size (pix): 320

  • Advanced: Fourier crop to box size (pix): 240