Job: Local Filtering

Locally filter a refined map.


Locally filter a refined map using a local resolution map. The Local Filtering job can:

  • filter an input volume using a spatially adaptive filter, either using a lanczos (default) or gaussian kernel

  • optionally apply global sharpening via a B-factor

  • Run on the GPU (default) or CPU

  • optionally filter only within a mask_refine input that is connected, to save time

The job is designed to work with the output of the Local Resolution Estimation job.


  • a single volume input containing

    • map_half_A

    • map_half_B

    • map_locres

    • mask_refine (optional)


  • a single volume output containing

    • map_filtered , the locally filtered, globally sharpened output map

Common Parameters

  • B-factor for sharpening should be set to a negative value to sharpen

  • Maximum resolution for sharpening should be set to a cutoff resolution to ensure that very high resolution Fourier components do not get over-sharpening resulting in a noisy output

Common Next Steps

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