How to Access cryoSPARC Live
CryoSPARC Live is automatically installed alongside cryoSPARC in v3.0.0+, but the cryoSPARC Live interface is available at a separate port.

Access cryoSPARC Live

You must have first installed cryoSPARC: How to Download, Install and Configure. CryoSPARC Live is installed alongside cryoSPARC without any extra steps, for version v3.0+.
Once you start the cryoSPARC instance, the cryoSPARC Live web application is hosted on CRYOSPARC_BASE_PORT + 6.
In order to find CRYOSPARC_BASE_PORT, run the command cryosparcm status. The default CRYOSPARC_BASE_PORT is 39000 meaning that for most users, cryoSPARC Live will be running at port 39006.

cryosparcm status

In this example, the base port is 61000 and so from the master node, use a web browser to access cryoSPARC Live at http://localhost:61006
From other machines on the network, use the hostname of the master node to access cryoSPARC Live, in this example at http://uoft:61006