Job: Heterogeneous Reconstruction Only

Reconstruct class volumes from heterogeneous refinement or 3D classification


Heterogeneous Reconstruction Only is the analog of the Homogenous Reconstruction Only job for multiple classes of 3D volumes. As such, this job can be used to reconstruct all classes at a new box size, apply symmetry, or recompute FSC values with a new mask.


  • Particles (particles_all_classes output by 3D classification or Heterogeneous Refinement)

  • [Optional] Mask

Common Parameters

  • Class alignment3D prefix

    • By default, this parameter is set such that class posteriors are expected to come from 3D classification. If using this job with an upstream heterogeneous refinement, this should be changed to the non-default value of alignments_class_.

  • Force hard classification

    • By default, this job will use weighted backprojection based on the class posteriors given by the upstream classification. To force each particle to belong to a single class, turn this on.


  • Particles

  • All volumes. Note that this output is a volumes group output including a series result that contains a downloadable zip file of all volumes.

  • Mask (if supplied)

Common Next Steps

  • Regroup 3D

  • Further 3D Classification or Heterogeneous Refinement

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