Job: Reconstruct 2D Classes

Reconstruct 2D classes from particles that have 2D alignments


Reconstruct 2D Classes reconstructs class templates from input particles that already have alignments in 2D. The reconstructed classes are averages of the particles that have maximal probability in the class, with classes that have zero particles removed. The output of this job can be used for any job that requires templates, such as template picker or select 2D classes.


  • Particles (with alignments2D)

Common Parameters

  • Maximum resolution (A): This is the highest resolution in Angstroms used when reconstructing 2D classes. If this value is not set, class box size must be set to determine the reconstruction size.

  • Class box size: This is the pixel box size of the classes. By default this is determined by the maximum resolution. If the maximum resolution is set to a higher value (lower resolution), the default box size could be too low that the images look pixelated, then the class box size also needs to be set to a higher value.

  • Force resplit particles: If this is turned on or particle splits are not available in alignments, the job would re-split particles into two sets for FRC calculation, which could affect the estimated resolution of the classes.


  • Class averages

Common Next Steps

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