Flat vs Hierarchical Navigation

Traditionally CryoSPARC has relied exclusively on a hierarchical navigation system, solely permitting workspaces to be viewed inside of their containing projects, and jobs to be viewed inside their containing workspaces. This has been reimagined in CryoSPARC v4 to allow navigating to each level (or granularity) of projects, workspaces, sessions, and jobs independently without having an upper level selection set. For instance, you could navigate directly to the jobs tab without selecting a project or workspace in order to see all jobs across the instance. This is nice to get a higher level view of what jobs are running, or have been run, in any shared projects or just generally to see the composition of your workflows. From here, you may want to open the filter options and filter all jobs available by type to compare results across the instance. By doing this, jobs can be aggregated and compared using a wide range of filtering options, either by their containers, or by their attributes.

Flattened views can be directly accessed using the “Spotlight” menu (accessible by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the navigation bar, the search bar button on the home page header, or by pressing the command + k keys together on the keyboard. From here you can simply begin typing “all” and options for viewing all projects, workspace, sessions, or jobs will appear below. Navigating to one of these options and pressing the enter key, or simply clicking on one, will navigate you to that granularity with no parent granularity selected (eg. all workspaces with no project selected, or all jobs with no project or workspace selected.

Flattened views are also automatically used for certain linking functions throughout the app to aggregate data with relevant filters applied automatically. An example of this is the “Job History” page. This can be accessed by clicking the overflow menu button with three horizontal dots in the navigation bar. The containing menu has an item called Job History in the first section with a clock icon beside the title. Clicking on the item will navigate you to the jobs granularity table view with no project or workspace selected and a status filter with statuses of completed, failed, and killed automatically applied. This was an entirely separate page in previous versions of CryoSPARC, but can now be built simply by adding the appropriate filters to the flattened jobs browse page. Further filters can be applied to this view if you would like to narrow the results further (such as a lane filter, user filter, and/or job type filter). This new aggregated data view can also be saved by bookmarking it in your browser or copying and saving the link constructed in the address bar. A CSV of the results shown in the filtered view can also be downloaded using the “Download CSV” button in the footer for archival or sharing purposes.

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