View Options

Configurable view options allow the specific information displayed for items at each granularity and view type to be changed to suit your specific preferences. View options are available for nearly all information displayed apart from distinguishing content such as IDs and titles.

The view options menu can be accessed by clicking the “eye” icon button on the far lefthand side of the control bar at any granularity level. This button will open the view options menu with the current view mode section open and others collapsed (other view mode options, ie. card or table, can be accessed but are closed by default for clarity).

Each view option in the menu is mapped to a corresponding item in the interface which can be displayed or hidden by checking or unchecking the option’s checkbox. For example, in the project cards view unchecking the “Tags” option will hide the tags on all project cards.

View options are scoped to each granularity and each view (eg. project cards and project table views are controlled by different view options so hiding the created attribute for cards will not hide it for the table), this allows very granular control of information to make each view customizable independently.

The table view includes a further option for customizability with drag and drop re-ordering of the table columns.

Each view option in the menu under the table view section can be dragged and dropped within the list to reorder the options. The order of the menu, top to bottom, corresponds to the order of the table columns, left to right.

All changes to the view options are saved to the database on a per user basis. This means that they will persist between sessions until changed by the user.

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